Coombe Lodge Wedding Photographer – Becci & Phil’s Wedding

We were really looking forward to Becci & Phil’s wedding celebrations at Coombe Lodge, a new wedding venue for us. We had done a recce of the venue a few weeks before (plus a quick visit to the local pub to make sure it was of an acceptable standard for guests!) so we were well up to speed with some fabulous locations to take Becci & Phil for photos. The bridal suite was huge so plenty of room for me to capture those special moments like when the Dad sees his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress, arrh. Chris was already at St Andrew’s Church photographing Phil & his groom’s party and guests arriving. Sadly, due to lack of room at the front of the church, we were only able to take photos at the back of the church. After the service, Becci’s veil did a good attempt at flying off in the wind and Phil’s face was a picture, especially as he was already holding Becci’s bouquet! Then off to Coombe Lodge for a select few group photos and photos of Phil & Becci with Chew Valley as the backdrop. With purple as their colour scheme, the couple had custom miniature Cadbury’s chocolate bars made to decorate the reception tables: an original touch, and the figures adorning the top of their cake were caricatures of themselves. Phil and his father had built a very impressive sweet cart especially for the day for guests to help themselves to goodies from. The photo booth was a real ice-breaker and kept the evening guests busy while we photographed the couple practising their first dance in the grand doorway of the Lodge.

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Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-001Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-002Coombe Lodge in Somerset is an impressive wedding venue with stunning views over the Chew Valley.Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-003Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-004Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-005Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-006There was so much room in the bridal suite, it was great fun photographing Becci getting ready, here being helped by her sister, Jess Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-007Very excited flowergirls, Poppy & Fen.  A quick photo before they disappeared off to the church.Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-008Becci with a huge grin for her Mother……..Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-009………. and then greeting her very proud Father.  So many emotions and trying not to cry was just one of them!Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-010Nerves, what nerves?  Not with Phil and his bestman, ChrisCallisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-011Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-012Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-013The moment the veil goes down, I love this traditional moment at a church wedding, it always gives me goose bumps.  I can’t imagine how her Dad felt looking on.Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-014And here comes the bride …..Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-015Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-016Chris always tries to take this black & white silhouette photo in the doorway of the church although it is not always possible as some doorways don’t lend themselves very well to this type photo!Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-017Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-018Aye-up, what’s happening here.  With his hand firmly holding the bouquet, Phil is completely taken by surprise and the look on his face is priceless.  Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-019Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-020Here’s one for someone else’s album!Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-021Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-022Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-023Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-024A very happy ‘just married’ couple with views over the lake.Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-025If possible and weather permitting, we always try to do a group shot of all the guests.  Great fun!Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-026Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-027Only 4 hats Charlie?  Very disappointing, there were at least another 2 top hats you could have tried balancing!Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-028Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-029Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-030Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-031Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-032I love this set of photos.  Chris was taking his shots from further afield and I was taking a totally different angle on the other side of the balustradeCallisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-033Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-034Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-035Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-036Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-037Becci, you look amazing!Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-038Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-039Kids just want to have fun…..  and Loz too!Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-040Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-041Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-042Custom miniature Cadbury’s chocolate bars went down very well with the guests.Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-043Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-044Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-045A few weeks before their wedding, Becci & Phil had a pre-wedding shoot with us and from this they chose a photo which we presented in a signing board on which guests could leave messages, making a wonderful memento of their day.  It was great seeing so many lovely messages, I wonder where they will hang it?Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-046Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-047Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-048Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-049Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-050The photo booth was a real ice breaker and even their Nans were eager to wear a silly wig!Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-051Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-052A quick rehearsal of the first dance before the real thing …….Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-053Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-054Callisto-Photography-Coombe-Lodge-Wedding-Photographers-055