Two Photographers

The question you are probably asking yourself is: “why should we invest in two photographers?”.  Hopefully, by reading on, you will see the benefits of commissioning us (Chris & Gillian) to photograph your wedding and see how we shoot in completely different ways even when covering the same scene.

Having two photographers allows us to widen the range of photographs taken and by working in an efficient and unobtrusive manner, we capture those special moments so often missed at a wedding and make the best use of the time available.

You will always get us on the day, we do not use assistants that you are not familiar with.  You are investing in our expertise and experience and because we have worked together for over 14 years, we always know where each other is at any given time during the day. In the run up to your wedding, we build up a relationship with you and from the initial conversations through to the celebration of the wedding itself, we plan the day so that you can relax and concentrate on enjoying yourselves knowing your photographs will look great.

Here is a set of images taken by us at the same time during these weddings.  These show the amazing advantages of having us in attendance.


Here I stayed with the bride and her party during their preparations. Chris drew the short straw and covered the groom’s party having an early lunch at the local pub. Unlike the groom, he wasn’t allowed a beer and a bacon sandwich whilst on the job!


I shared the fun of getting ready with Emma and her bridesmaids whilst Chris went on ahead to photograph the venue and the very relaxed groomsmen. Although the one on the phone wasn’t quite so relaxed, having just left his best man’s speech in the taxi.


Moments of anticipation: the couple were just about to see each other for the first time, the apprehension of waiting is nearly over as we continue to capture simultaneous but separate moments.


A beautiful moment: captured by Chris as the bride & groom exchange rings, whilst I remain at the back of the church. Very importantly, with two photographers, there is no need to move around during the ceremony: we like to get the shots without being a distraction.


Chris takes the close up photo of Natalie giving Jon a quizzical look whilst I get the aerial shot from the Minstrels’ gallery.


Signing the register: here I scouted around the main group and took a wider angle whilst Chris gets a photo of the couple sharing a quiet and special moment.


Some couples request a few formal group shots but whilst Chris takes the photo from the front, people often prefer the casual shots I take candidly from the side.


We always suggest some quiet time away from your guests, couples love this as it is the first time they have actually spent any time alone together. From a discreet distance, I can capture some special moments with long lenses whilst Chris uses his expertise in landscape photography to take sweeping panoramas.


Again – Chris does the big landscape shot whilst I capture the expressions, the laughter, the shared jokes.


We know exactly when each shot is taken which helps us to pair up pictures like these for your album design.


The same moment: two methods. I take the casual shot, Chris changes his camera’s settings to create an atmospheric silhouette.


The ‘Everybody’ group shot. I close in to capture the expressions and humour of the moment as Chris makes sure all your guests are included.


Once the wedding breakfast room is set up, Chris takes photos bringing to life the room as you have imagined it, capturing every small detail that you meticulously planned. Meanwhile, I make the best use of this time by photographing guests having fun, friends enjoying the celebrations and children playing games.


Even during speeches we work in different ways to provide thorough coverage without just duplicating work.


One dance, two angles. We also use radio controlled flash triggers for special effects.