Cadbury House Wedding Photographers – Becky & Darren

We had been looking forward to this day ever since we had received an unexpected e-mail from Darren saying he had a surprise arranged for Becky.  You’ll have to read on to find out what the surprise was!  Chris and I were greeted by broad, grinning smiles from both Becky and her 3 bridesmaids who were all very well organised.  This is the first wedding we have photographed in a long time where the whole bridal party was ready ahead of schedule.  No last minute panics, nobody rushing around to locate those vintage ear-rings granny had given or trying to find that fragrant perfume that had been chosen especially for this day: everyone was so relaxed which meant some great photos.  There were some lovely readings during the ceremony, especially the one from James who wrote his own poem “Weddings are Weird” which was very funny.  Guests enjoyed drinks on the lawn whilst we whisked Becky & Darren off for some romantic photos and with the wind blowing Becky’s veil vertical on more than one occasion, we got some very ‘lively’ photos.  After the cake cutting, bouquet throwing and first dance, it was then time for Becky’s surprise.  All the guests were assembled and Becky’s face was a picture when the RSVP Bhangra Dhol players emerged drumming their way onto the floor, closely followed by Gita, a Bollywood dance performer.  It was great fun, very loud and was enjoyed by all the guests although one little girl did have her hands over her ears for most of it.  Surprise over, NO!  As an added extra, enter 4 more ‘professional’ dancers, namely Naseem (Darren’s Mother) Eve & Anna (his sisters) and lastly, Jilly (one of Becky’s bridesmaids).  Becky couldn’t quite believe her eyes, was this really happening?  All the girls performed a Bhangra dance routine which was bright, bold, fun and full of energy.  Great job girls!  Following Pakistani tradition, Darren & Becky were given money necklaces by his Gran as a dowry on the occasion of their wedding.  Traditionally, goats were given as a dowry but Darren’s family thought this might not go down too well.  A really fun wedding!

Arrh, such a happy photo, love it!‘Sealed with a kiss’.  I always love to see the expressions on the faces of the guests during the ceremony.  A proud Dad looks on …….Becky nearly lost her veil a few times, I was surprised to see it still in place by the end of the day!  Just hold on tight ….!Becky, you look stunning, a very pretty bride.That veil is getting in the way again…. Darren to the rescue! We took quite a few photos of this lovely group of friends: this happy photo, followed by Jade kissing the guy on his cheek, his girlfriend (I think?) kissing him on the other cheek and then both of them kissing him simultaneously and there were fits of giggles in between.  You’ll have to go to the online gallery on our website to see the other photos!!  Look at the expression on Becky’s face and just how Darren managed to keep it a secret from so many people, I really don’t know.Check out the little girl to the left of the picture, do you think the drumming was a bit loud?Gita Mistry performing some Bollywood moves…..  and the girls will soon be joining them…. wait for it …..….  wait for it ….……  and here they are!!Brilliant performance by Jilly, Eve, Anna & Naseem.Photos booths are great, they really capture different personalities.  So this photos is just before….…….. during and then after, showing us their fab photos.

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