Brympton House Wedding – Katherine & Brett

Katherine & Brett had chosen Brympton House for their wedding venue as it was local to them and as it was listed as “one of Somerset’s finest Stately Homes” how could this fail to deliver on the ‘WOW’ factor for a wedding and it certainly did not let us down.  We arrived very early and were shown around by Ellie & Grace, who were very welcoming.  The bridal suite was huge and I had plenty of fun photographing Kath, Anna & Isabel getting ready.  Chris was already photographing the ‘men in kilts’, maybe we should have swapped roles on this occasion!  The Cornish tartan, with its yellow base colour was perfect for a Spring wedding.  The ceremony was held in the Castle House, dating back to 1350 it was more like a private chapel and with excellent styling by ‘Tie the Knot’, the room looked beautiful with flowers adorning the church pews and candles & cream/green foliage decorating the window sills.  ‘Tie the Knot’s’ attention to detail was second to none and the whole house looked spectacular, wait till you see the candles on the Great Staircase and the ‘Moroccan themed’ Orangery for the evening do.  After the ceremony, Katherine & Brett were introduced to their guests waiting on the terrace & were showered with confetti.  Champagne was served and with the beautiful views over the lake and the sunny terrace, guests had a great time. We wished to capitalise on the great views over the lake to the house, so we whisked Kath & Brett off for some photos and thankfully with the recent dry weather, no ‘wellies’ were needed.  Issy joined us for a spell on the other side of the lake but when Brett threatened to flash us by lifting his kilt, she soon scarpered.  The Grand Ballroom was the location for the sumptuous wedding breakfast, check out the photos!  After the speeches, Issy read out a poem she had written for Kath, it was very emotional and there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.  Guests then geared up for the evening reception over in the Orangery which had been decked out with vibrant silk throws in red and orange for the Moroccan theme, flaming fire pits and lots and lots of tea lights.

If you are having a wedding at Brympton House, we’d love to hear from you.  If you wish to view more of our work, please go to our Weddings page.

Brympton HouseIt was the first time we had photographed a wedding at this Stately Home, what an amazing experience!  Great fun too, Katherine & Brett were a lovely couple.

Brympton HouseBrympton HouseThe styling team at ‘Tie the Knot’ did a fantastic job, their attention to detail in Brympton House  & the ceremony in the Castle Hall was second to none.Brympton HouseCallisto-Photography-Brympton-House-005There’s nothing quite like an audience when you are having your makeup done!Brympton HouseCallisto-Photography-Brympton-House-007Beautiful photo of Isabel looking on admiringly and the fairytale wedding dress.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-008Now then, where shall I put this veil?Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-009Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-010Brympton HouseEvery ‘standard’ photographer takes a photo of the bouquets, however, we prefer to take something a little different!Brympton HouseBeautiful dress Katherine and ….Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-013……  beautiful kilts boys!  I love the swaying movement when they walked.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-014Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-015…. and lets not forget the ghillie brogues and sgian dubhs!!Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-016A proud Dad adjusting Ewen’s tieCallisto-Photography-Brympton-House-017Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-018Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-019Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-020Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-021That all important first glimpse of her husband to be, such a magical moment.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-022Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-023Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-024Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-025Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-026The Mother of the Bride, Jan, looks on proudly.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-027Candles on the flagstone flooring gave the Castle Hall a lovely, romantic feeling.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-028Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-029Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-030Cooey!Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-031Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-032Signing the Register; we love the reflection in the mirrored table.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-033A budding young photographer, they start early these days.  Watch out Chris, she’s after your job!Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-034Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-035Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-036Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-037It was very windy, I can’t remember how many times Jan lost her hat, fingers well placed, it’s not going anywhere this time. Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-038As for Kath’s veil, that had different ideas.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-039Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-040Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-041I love it when bridesmaid smile sweetly for the camera ……Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-042……   oops, spoke too soon.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-043Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-044Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-045A few couple photos in the majestic setting of Brympton HouseCallisto-Photography-Brympton-House-046Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-047Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-048Honestly Brett…..  do you have to?Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-049Quick cuddle for a pretty bridesmaid.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-050Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-051Beautiful photo and the reed beds on the right add such a soft colour tone to the photo.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-052Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-053Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-054Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-055Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-056Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-057Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-058Although it was sunny outside, it was a very chilly day and many guests gathered around the fire in the Great Hall.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-059Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-060Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-061Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-062The Grand Staircase & Grand Ballroom looked amazing; styled by ‘Tie the Knot’Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-063Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-064Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-065Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-066Magical, we love these photos; Katherine & Brett sharing a few special moments together whilst their guests were seated for their wedding breakfast. As the sun streamed through the windows, Chris captured this beautiful moment.  The frieze on the wall just adds a bit of quirkiness to the shot.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-067Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-068Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-069Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-070Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-071Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-072Issy reading a very moving poem, written by herself.  As for Brett, no idea what that was about!Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-073Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-074Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-075Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-076Anna & friends having a good laugh at Brett’s expense!Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-077Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-078Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-079A little girl very pleased with her gift from the bride & groom.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-080Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-081Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-082Phew, thank goodness that is all over with. Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-083The Orangery looked magical; decked out with vibrant silk throws in red and orange for the Moroccan theme, flaming fire pits and lots and lots of tea lights.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-084Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-085Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-086Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-087And of course, finishing with a lovely, romantic black & white photo capturing a moment in time.Callisto-Photography-Brympton-House-088Yes these are candles, not a landing strip for an aircraft!