Kingscote Barn – Two Photographers – Katie & Nathan

Not sure you need two photographers for your wedding?  As you will see from Katie & Nathan’s Kingscote Barn wedding, we shoot in completely different ways even when covering the same scene.  Hopefully, by seeing the set of images below, you will see the benefits of booking us to photograph your wedding.  Whilst I am taking one shot, Chris is taking the other.  Having a husband and wife team that work together all the time has tremendous benefits over a single photographer or a photographer who relies on assistants.  We always work together and know where each other is at any given time during the day and by working in an efficient and unobtrusive manner, we make the best use of time available.

If you like our style of photography and want to see more photos of how we work together, please have a look at our ‘Two Photographers’ and also our Portfolio.  Also check out Katie & Nathan’s full wedding blog for more fab photos taken at Kingscote Barn.


Great PJ’s girls, I love the fact they match your colour scheme!  Whilst I was with the bridal party at Wills Cottage, Chris was with the groom’s party.  Champagne anyone?kingscote-barn-two-photographers-002

Katie’s Mum is pinning a locket to the underskirt of her daughter’s bridal gown whilst the groom’s party makes it’s way from Spring Cottage to the Barn.


Hello, hello, hello, can you see me?  Father of the groom trying to get in on the act.  I stayed with Katie until she walked down the aisle, that way I can capture any little moments that are so often missed at weddings as when you have only one photographer, they have to be in position at the top of the ceremony room before the bridal procession begins.


Whilst Chris is photographing a nervous groom, I have a great shot of Katie looking skywards…..  maybe she is thinking ‘here we go…..”


I’m positioned at the back of the ceremony room whilst Chris captures the smiles and emotions of the happy couple.


Again, I’m at the back of the ceremony room getting a nice long, sweeping shot of the bridal couple whilst Chris closes in for that all important ‘first kiss’!


Katie looks so radiant whilst her Gran looks at her beautiful veil.  Meanwhile, Chris is skirting around the outside to capture the bigger picture.


Down the lane for a few couple shots…….


Katie & Nathan can finally have some precious time on their own……  ok, so we are there too but we are not ‘in your face’ photographers, that is just not our style.



We love this set of photos: the twisting lane draws the eye and whilst Chris takes the sweeping landscape photo, I zoom in for a different shot


Chris is flouncing the dress (makes a change!) and I’m capturing a very happy family, wish I knew what was so funny…..  maybe me?


Game of chase anyone?  If I didn’t have to photograph the fun and laughter, I would have joined in.  Meanwhile, Chris is taking photos of the reception room on which the bride & groom will probably have spent many evenings planning all those finer details of, will the table plan cause eruptions, will the flowers be too big, will the K&N letters work and more importantly, what will the cake taste like?


Finally, the rain comes in and Katie dashes for cover whilst Chris, is already inside keeping dry, don’t worry about me!


Stand up and cheer, welcome your bride & groom!  Two very different photos and made possible at Kingscote because of the gallery


Love some good speeches……


How come I’m upstairs again?  I don’t mind, I can capture the action from up above


Finished for the night?  Not quite, we want to see everyone on the dance floor as well as a bit of smooching and then a celebration with sparklers.  Job done!


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