Two Photographers

The question you are probably asking yourself is: “why should we invest in two photographers?”  Here is a set of images taken by us at the same time during Lou & Matt’s Kingscote Barn wedding; we shoot in completely different ways even when covering the same scene.  Whilst I am taking one shot, Chris is taking the other.  Having a husband and wife team who have worked together for well over 15 years, has tremendous benefits over a single photographer or a photographer who relies on assistants.

We always work together and know where each other is at any given time during the day and by working in an efficient and unobtrusive manner, we capture those special moments so often missed at a wedding, making the best use of available time.  

You are investing in our expertise and experience and in the run up to your wedding, we build up a relationship with you and from the initial conversations through to the celebration of the wedding itself, we plan the day so that you can relax and concentrate on enjoying yourselves knowing your photographs will look great.

If you like our style of photography and want to see more photos of how we work together, please have a look at our Portfolio.  Also check out Lou & Matt’s full wedding blog for more fab photos taken at Kingscote Barn.

Kingscote Barn Wedding

I love capturing these special moments between a newly wed couple.  Lou & Matt were making the most of their time away from the guests.  I’m taking the photo on the left, lying on the ground to get the best perspective (dry cleaning bill winging its way to you Lou) whilst Chris stays upright and takes a stunning photo of Lou & Matt with the sweeping drive and Kingscote Barn in the background.  This is how Chris and I work together, this is what couples love about us and this is why our style of photography is so popular.

Princess Leia and the Long Way Round

Hello Princess Leia, what are you doing in the flower bouquet?  Meanwhile, Chris was with Matt and his Groom’s party hunting down the rings.  Want the story on the ‘Long Way Round’ book by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman?  Check out their full blog post. 

I've arrived!

You have to have at least one photo of the Groom’s party so lets go for something a little different.  I’m with Lou ready to snap her brother just turning up to say ‘Hi’.

Lou's on her way, are you ready Matt?

Lou’s on her way Matt, are you ready?  I remain with Lou right up until she leaves Spring Cottage & Chris is already in position in the ceremony room waiting for the ‘grand entrance’.

The flowergirls moment of glory and I’m outside getting a fab photo of Lou, looking very excited and not at all nervous.

How about a ‘Sand Ceremony’?  Chris’ shot actually shows the two colour sands blending together whilst I’m capturing the ‘bigger picture’ at the back of the ceremony room.

‘Sealed with a kiss’   Lovely little montage from two very different angles.

Lou grabs a glass of champers; also on offer is Cotswold Way beer.  Chris and I always capture different shots.

Chris risks life and limb to get the all important group photo (not quite but I like him to feel important!) whilst I stay at ground level with the guests, focussing in on the expressions on peoples faces.  Nobody even notices I’m there, they’re all looking at Chris! 

We couldn’t possibly do  Lou & Matt’s wedding without featuring his Kawasaki Ninja Motorbike.  Two very different shots, you can always tell my photos as I have the big, super, duper zoom lens!

Matt Bee (Bristol Wedding Singer) playing his acoustic guitar & entertaining the guests; sorry I cut your head off Matt!  Chris says it’s a nice guitar though.  

The next series of photos will show you how Chris and I work completely differently when photographing the same scene.  Chris always takes the full frame, sweeping landscape shot and I pull out my super, duper lens (yes I know, I’ve mentioned it before) and without getting too close to the happy couple, I take some beautiful, intimate moments of the bride & groom sharing some special time together away from the hustle and bustle of their wedding day.

It was Lou’s idea to scale the farm gate, I think she just wanted to show off her cowboy boots.

Again, Chris is taking the ‘bigger picture’ whilst I’m focussing in on a bit of bum pinching, nice one Lou!

Chris is taking the ‘normal’ shot and I’m hanging around in the foliage….  on the floor, hiding in the foliage, I’m worried about my reputation Chris, can we swap roles?

Chris and I now split up (I know, very sad as we’re married) to take completely different scenes at your wedding.  Relaxed, documentary photography is what we love most, I love capturing guests from a distance just enjoying the day and Chris has disappeared inside Kingscote Barn ……

I love the little lad above, I was trying to photograph the flowergirls when he just came along and plonked himself right in front of them.  Do you think he knows what photobombing is?  I wonder what they teach them at Playgroup these days?

“Just find that bit that hitches my dress up will you?”    Meanwhile, Chris is taking photos of the reception room, looks fab!  

Two very different photos, made possible as I’m upstairs in the gallery.

Arrrh… I wonder what Matt is saying to Lou ……

Bought some umbrellas for your wedding but it didn’t rain?  No worries, lets light up the evening sky and have some fun.  Meantime, I’m inside photographing the little girls having a great time and as for the guy on the left ……  not sure what he is doing!

Back to the motorbikes, a little more alcohol as been consumed by now which means the guests are ready to party.

How come I’m upstairs again?  I don’t mind, I can capture the action from above.

I sent Chris upstairs this time with his fisheye lens …..  I love these little girls, they just had so much fun.  Sparklers to finish the night.  Great wedding, congratulations Lou & Matt, we had a fab time.  Thanks for asking us to join you in your special day albeit we were working 🙂

If you love our style of photography and wish to see more of our Kingscote Barn Weddings or a different venue, please check out our website.