Wick Farm Bath Wedding Photographer – Tabitha & William’s Wedding

We met Tabitha & William a few weeks ago at Wick Farm to go through the final details for their wedding.  When we asked Tabitha & Will why they chose Wick Farm, they said one consideration was that it was close to a main road so in the event of snow (being a December wedding!), everyone would still be able to get to the venue.  However, they hadn’t reckoned on torrential rain for days on end which meant the nearby main road had flooded and the scenic duck pond had been transformed into a rather large lake!  Will was waiting nervously in the barn, greeting guests (no canoes were needed in the end) and everything was on schedule.  Tabitha looked beautiful in a stunning Sassi Holford gown with empire line beaded bodice and sweetheart neckline.   During the signing of the register, Lee-Ann, Tabitha’s friend from University, sang Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’; a lovely, personal touch.  The weathermen got the forecast wrong (again) and, despite their prediction, there were no rays of sunshine poking through the clouds in the afternoon.  So, with the help of Penelope, the Bride’s sister, we gathered up Tabitha’s dress and armed with brollies hurried her over to the covered barn which was a beautiful spot for photos, with straw bales and rustic logs as backdrops, we were spoilt for choice.  For the reception, the barn was transformed into a winter wonderland with a fairy light canopy and the flicker of candles providing a truly romantic setting.  Strawberry Field Catering did a very professional job as usual and the barn looked stunning, each table was adorned with Antipasto Deli Boards to welcome guests as they entered the room.

Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-001Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-002Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-003Personalised hangers, what a great idea!Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-004Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-005How many people does it take to dress a bride?  Lots!Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-006Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-007Dad waiting patiently for his daughter.Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-008Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-009Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-010…… and more waiting!Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-011Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-012Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-013Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-014Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-015Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-016Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-017During the signing of the register, Lee-Ann, Tabitha’s friend, sang Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’; a lovely, personal touch.Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-018Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-019Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-020Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-021Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-022Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-023Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-024Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-025Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-026Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-027Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-028Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-029Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-030Rain and wind, that’s not stopping us going outside!Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-031Lovely & dry and cosy in the barnWick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-032Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-033Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-034Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-035Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-036Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-037Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-038Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-039Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-040Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-041Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-042Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-043Give over…..!Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-044Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-045Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-046Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-047Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-048Lets compare rings, they look errr….  a bit shiny & new.Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-049Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-050Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-051Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-052Strawberry Field Catering played a key role in dressing the tables and making the barn look so fantastic.Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-053Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-054Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-055Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-056Wick-Farm-Wedding-Photographer-057

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