Cripps Barn Winter Wedding – Becky & Ben

Cripps Barn Winter Wedding, Becky & Ben’s very, very white wedding.  As wedding photographers, Chris and I are always being asked by couples how we cope with rain and snow.  Unfortunately the weather is so unpredictable in this country that we have contingency plans for all types of weather and indoor photography.  However, the weather we experienced in December 2010 was unprecedented, we awoke to very deep snow and we were determined we would get to Cripps Barn in the Cotswolds for Becky & Ben’s wedding.  It took quite a while to get there, but get there we did and amazingly, the wedding went ahead after the bride was rescued from her stranded Rolls Royce by a good Samaritan passing by in his Land Rover.  The wedding was great fun, everyone pulled together and as you will see, we even managed to get Becky & Ben outside for some beautiful wintry photos, even though this meant we were 3 feet deep in snow taking some of the pics.

“You were both amazing and kept both Ben and me calm on a very crazy day…… ”  Becky & Ben



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