Cripps Barn – Two Photographers

Couples getting married at Cripps Barn often ask the question “why should we invest in two photographers ?” Hopefully, by seeing the set of images below, you will see the benefits of booking Chris and me to photograph your wedding and see how we shoot in completely different ways even when covering the same scene.  Having a husband and wife team that work together all the time has tremendous benefits over a single photographer or a photographer who relies on assistants.  We always work together and know where each other is at any given time during the day and by working in an efficient and unobtrusive manner, we make the best use of time available.  We hope you enjoy looking at the small selection of photos taken at Vicki & Chris’ Wedding at Cripps Barn.

If you like our style of photography and want to see more photos of how we work together, please have a look at our ‘Two Photographers’ and also our Portfolio.  Also check out Vicki & Chris’ full wedding blog for more fab photos taken at Cripps Barn.


Whilst I remained with Vicki during the bridal prep, Chris was already at Cripps Barn photographing the guests as they arrived.  Great hat by the way!


The Groom is waiting anxiously for his Bride to appear and Chris is ready to capture the shot as she walks down the aisle.  Meanwhile, I’m still outside with Vicki & her bridesmaids whilst they wait to be announced.


That all important moment during the ceremony, exchanging the rings.  Chris and I are perfectly positioned to capture the shot from two very different angles without moving around during the ceremony or getting in each others shots; discretion is the key.


As the couple exit the ceremony room, I’m already outside waiting for that ‘first kiss’ when they think nobody is around and Chris is inside capturing a perfect silhouette.  Only a couple that works together consistently knows what is happening, a perfect moment.


As the Bridesmaids ‘flounce’ Vicki’s dress and Chris captures this, I carry on ‘papping’ away: this time a guest who is ‘papping’ the action cripps-barn-two-photographers-005A

….. and of course, we can’t forget those romantic, couple photos!


After we have taken any requested photos and some lovely couple shots, Chris goes inside the Barn to take photos of the wedding breakfast set up whilst I remain outside, capturing those unguarded, hilarious moments that guests nearly alway deliver as they have no idea I am there.


Two different shots: capturing the bride & groom being announced for their wedding breakfast


A guest enjoying the speeches and Chris capturing the ‘bigger picture’


The Groom tackles his Bride’s veil in the warm, evening sunshine trying to persuade a few little flies to vacate the voile


Chris captures the bigger picture with the guests watching a few twists and turns whilst I focus on the couple’s facial expressions: in this instance, concentrating on their dance moves!


Great shapes & fun to be caught on camera (although they might not think so!) and whilst I’m inside enjoying the party, Chris is outside getting cold 😉 capturing the crackling bonfire with Cripps Barn lit up in the background.

If you want to see more of our work, please take a look at our Portfolio.