Cotswold Wedding Photographer Cripps Barn

As a Cotswold Wedding Photographer, one very important piece of kit for our Winter Weddings is our 4×4 Mitsubishi. We wouldn’t be without it and it has taken us to some amazing wedding locations where the snow is piled high and we have had to navigate our way through huge snow drifts and floods. We have also helped to dig guests cars out of car parks and cleared paths so maybe along with flouncing dresses and tweaking hair, we should add ‘snow management’ to our skill set – Becky & Ben’s Wedding at Cripps Barn

If you are celebrating your wedding at Cripps Barn, Stone Barn or any Barn for that matter, we’d love to hear from you. Have you seen our website? Please click through to see more of our work and how Chris and I can work together at your wedding to provide memories that will last a lifetime.