Kingscote Barn Wedding Photographers – Siân & David

Siân & her bridesmaids were getting ready at her parents house in Didmarton, just behind a pub we know very well, The Kings Arms….  should we pop in? a bit early maybe.  Whilst Chris photographed the features that go into making a wedding day so special: dress, jewellery, beautiful flowers etc., I was kept busy photographing Siân having her makeup & hair done whilst 5 very excited bridesmaids were getting ready.  Siân & David had decided that their wedding car would be an E-Type Jaguar which was fantastic but I don’t think that the practicality of getting in and out of it wearing a splendid bridal gown had entered the equation when booking it.  So out came lots of towels to cover the car’s door sills and hinges to ensure Siân’s dress wasn’t covered in grease by the time she arrived at the church.  Chris had already made his way to St Mary’s church in Hawkesbury Upton and with such small country lanes, guests were ferried from the village hall down to the church.  The church reminded me of the TARDIS in Dr Who, no not blue, but deceptively huge on the inside especially for such a small community.  Chris had already photographed David holding a brolly next to the campervan he arrived in, was he expecting rain (was this their honeymoon transport?)?  After a lovely ceremony, confetti was thrown and everyone disappeared off to Kingscote Barn for a big party!  All through the planning stages of their wedding, it was apparent that Siân & David (although wanting a few couple photos), wanted to have a lot of fun time with their guests.  Enroute to the Barn, we stopped on the long approach drive to take some amazing, landscape photos, with and without the all important E-Type!  So, with romantic photos in the bag, off we went to party.  Well not us, obviously, we still had work to do.  So as Chris rushed inside to photograph the wedding breakfast room, wonderfully set out by Strawberry Fields, their canapés, jugs of country flowers from Jacaranda, Ann’s Damson Gin, Dave’s home brew, bunting, I stayed outside capturing the fun of the afternoon as it unfolded. A powerful, fast, zoom lens is the perfect tool to capture unsuspecting guests enjoying themselves!  Having two photographers means we can cover so much more!  The speeches were interspersed between the courses of the meal which meant the poor bestman had to wait until the end to deliver his speech, nerves jangling, it all went well.  The Moon Loungers got the party going and everyone was up & dancing and off we went into the moonlight, ha ha, get it?

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