Kelly & Paul’s Wedding – The Trout, Tadpole Bridge, Oxfordshire

Kelly & Paul had opted for a very relaxed wedding at The Trout in Oxfordshire, a beautiful, riverside setting. We have known Kelly & Paul for many years, we photographed Grace at 20 months (check out the masthead of our blog!!) and Tom when he was a newborn so it was lovely to be asked to photograph their wedding. They had requested very informal photography which was right up our street. Kelly & Paul had decided to spend their honeymoon (or should that be ‘familymoon’) on a narrowboat which was moored on the river next to The Trout and I hear there had been a few manoevering problems enroute to the venue! Thankfully nobody was taking it anywhere on the wedding day and Paul & his brother (also the bestman) got ready on the boat, thank goodness it was only a small groom’s party. I stayed with Kelly whilst she got ready, Grace was so excited and kept asking if it was 1pm yet, I asked why and was told that was when she was allowed to get into her ‘princess dress’, arrh how sweet. Tom, not quite walking, wasn’t to be outdone and wore a lovely little suit with bright green bow tie. As the weather was so lovely, the couple had opted for an outdoor ceremony and Kelly looked radiant with Grace as they walked towards the summerhouse. Friends & family watched as Kelly & Paul exchanged vows & rings and then it was party, party, party in the garden. There were lots of kids running around so out came the huge games, great fun for kids and adults alike. The speeches were hilarious, Kelly’s very good friend Catherine sent a brilliant video message along with a witty song & Dave’s speech was rewarded with a fishing rod as a gift, a great idea for a wedding by the river! It was a fun day and evening and thanks to Kelly & Paul for making us feel so welcome. Thanks to Grace (for practicing that beautiful smile) & Tom for being little stars too!

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Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-001The Trout was the perfect setting for Kelly & Paul’s relaxed, outside wedding ceremony with the beautiful setting of Tadpole Bridge as a backdrop. Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-002………… and there is their narrowboat for their ‘familymoon’ later in the week with Grace & Tom.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-003Come on guys, stopping hanging around, it’s about time you got ready.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-004Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-005I love this photo of the rings that Chris took whilst I was photographing Kelly getting ready.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-006Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-007Honestly Mum, will you just hurry up and get ready, I want to go and play with my friends.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-008Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-009Mother & daughter, a fab photo, this time taken by the very talented Gillian (that’s me in case you haven’t guessed!)Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-010Quick pint…….. don’t tell the wife-to-be!Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-011Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-012‘Just Married’ guys, surely that is for Kelly & Paul once they are hitched?Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-013Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-014Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-015……and here comes the bride with their daughter, Grace.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-016Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-017Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-018Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-019Shssssh, have this …….Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-020Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-021Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-022Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-023Well if Mummy and Daddy can have a sneaky kiss, then so shall we…….Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-024Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-025Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-026Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-027Kelly gives her two nephews a celebratory kiss and one of their responses is ………Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-028……………………. yuk!  I’ll just get rid of any lipstick evidence!Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-029You’re suppose to throw the confetti in the air, not on your feet!Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-030Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-031Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-032Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-033Check out the lad at the back of the photo with his arm in the air …….  Howzat!Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-034Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-035The ‘standard’ family portrait….  say cheese!  or sausages…….Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-036Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-037Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-038Tom making a quick getaway.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-039Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-040Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-041Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-042Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-043Right, now lets have a race……  ready, steady ……Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-044NO!  I didn’t say GO ……. come back ……Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-045So, if I jab this little stick into the back of Mummy’s dress it’ll mean she has to turn round and cuddle me, so here goes …….Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-046Little girls just love to spin in their dresses and Grace was no exception.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-047Thankfully Dad has his hand safely on the board, phew.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-048And so to the romantic  photos and a couple in black & white too.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-049Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-050Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-051If I (Gillian) climb into this willow tree whilst Chris takes the more formal photo, this is the effect I can achieve and ‘ouch’ that branch just stuck into somewhere it shouldn’t have.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-052Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-053Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-054Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-055Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-056Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-057Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-058Kelly’s lovely Spring bouquet of yellow daffodils and pale pink freesias, beautiful.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-059The lacing on the back of Kelly’s dress was done to perfection and one of the best we have ever seen.  Hats off to her Mother, Kathleen and Sister, Justine, can we hire you for future events?Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-060Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-061Finally to the narrowboat.  Apparently, the week before their wedding there had been a problem with the lock enroute to The Trout and it was thought they wouldn’t be able to moor the boat next to the pub.  However, just a few days before their wedding, they had the go ahead and were able to navigate the lock and steer the ‘very long’ narrowboat along the river to the banks of the pub.  Paul and Dave got ready on the boat and we had some fun shooting Paul & Dave on the top of the boat in their ‘scruffs’ and then as you will see, we managed to persuade Kelly to board the boat with the help of Paul.  Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-062Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-063We love this photo of Kelly getting off the boat, very graceful although maybe imitating a plane?  Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-064I’m not sure of this little girl’s name but thank you for introducing me to your Giraffe. Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-065


Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-066Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-067In case anyone is wondering, Paul’s bestman gift to his brother was a roller blind!Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-068Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-069“I know the adults are laughing at the funny speeches, but can we go out and play now”Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-070Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-071Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-072Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-073Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-074Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-075Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-076Pssssssssstttt!!Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-077Carefully does it kids!Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-078Yep, after careful consideration and discussion, it is a croquet hoop!Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-079I’ll just load all my photos showing Kelly & Paul’s wedding to facebook before anyone else gets a look in.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-080Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-081Grace busting a few moves before the grown ups get on the dance floor.Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-082Callisto-Photography-Oxfordshire-Wedding-Photographers-083