Great Tythe Barn Summer Wedding – Meg & Tim

Meg & Tim wanted to celebrate their wedding with their pets as well as their guests, so along came Brandy (Meg’s horse) and Maisie and Lola, the couple’s chocolate Labradors. Brandy was a great surprise for Meg as she wasn’t expecting to see her on her wedding day and their two dogs were given special permission to attend the drinks reception.  So with the donkeys and pigs already in situ at The Great Tythe Barn, there was quite an menagerie in attendance. After a few hitches in the morning with no hot water (why do these things always go wrong on wedding days?) we had a few group photos of the bridal party in their customised dressing gowns although Jake wasn’t having any of it and decided that sitting on the floor would be much more fun so I joined him on the decking to get a great photo! With Meg’s love of horses, we were not surprised when a carriage drawn by two huge horses arrived to take Meg & her Dad to The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury.  After their Civil Ceremony, the couple enjoyed drinks in the gardens with their dogs, Maisie & Lola, who started to become the star attraction; move over Meg & Tim! One of the dogs (not sure which one) had her eye on the guitar, maybe a potential early lunch? We particularly love the photos of the couple in the gardens by the gazebo, sharing some quiet time on their own.  Tim had built a fire pit for the evening: marshmallows at the ready kids (and adults), what a great idea.

Bridesmaid Levi was heavily pregnant at their wedding and we just want to send our congratulations to Levi & Rich on the birth of their little baby boy.

If you are having a wedding at The Great Tythe Barn, we’d love to hear from you.  If you wish to view more of our work, please see our Weddings page.

Meg & Tim spending some quiet time together at the Great Tythe Barn

The Gazebo really stands out in this black and white photo of the happy couple.Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-WeddingGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-PhotographerBeautiful shoes, bride & bridesmaidsNice shoes Meg!Personalised dressing gowns for the bridal partyPhoebe having a quick peek to see what I’m up to and when I asked them all to turn round, Jake decided the floor was more appealing than having his photo taken!Great-Tythe-Barn-WeddingGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-007Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-008Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-009“Can we just take a quick photo Meg and stick it on facebook …..  oh maybe not, lets wait until after the wedding”Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-010A lovely surprise for Meg, Brandy turned up at her house just as she was leaving (she did have help getting there).  Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-011The Great Tythe Barn in Tetbury looking beautiful on this glorious Autumnal day.Wedding rings at the Great Tythe Barn, TetburyGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-013Bridal party arriving at The Great Tythe BarnMeg & Tim's civil ceremonyBride & groom exchanging ringsGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-017Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-018A lovely photo of Meg relaxed and happy just before Chris captures the moment they sign the register.Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-019Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-020Confetti, you can never have too much confetti!Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-022Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-023Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-024Meg’s beautiful Stella York gown had organza pleats which were perfect for collecting all the confetti …….  some petals remained there for the whole day.Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-025Good luck horse shoeGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-027Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-028Meg & Tim with their horse & carriageGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-030Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-031Anyone for a ride?A quick trip around the grounds for some very excited children …..  an adult guest sneaked in there too!Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-033Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-034Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-035Maisie & Lola were so well behaved and looked fab in their matching purple ribbons.Maisie or Lola?“I wonder what that guitar tastes like.”Great Tythe Barn, brilliant venueGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-038“Gosh it’s really tiring being on my best behaviour all the time, can we please go for a nice long, muddy walk now?”Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-039“……..  and bring Jake along with us too?”Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-040Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-041Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-042Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-043Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-044Meg & Tim spending some quiet time togetherGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-046Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-047Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-048Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-049Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-050Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-051Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-052Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-053Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-054Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-055Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-056Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-057Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-058Great view of the barn through the flowersGreat-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-060The reception room looked amazing, great work guys!Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-061Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-062Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-063Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-064Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-065A few animals to keep the kids happy and entertained during the wedding breakfast.Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-066Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-067Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-068Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-069Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-070Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-071Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-072Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-073We love these photos of Meg & Tim in the evening, Tetbury Church spire can just be seen in the distance.Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-074Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-075Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-076Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-077Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-078Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-079Great-Tythe-Barn-Tetbury-Wedding-Photographer-080

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